Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Fessing Up on Being 50 !

Today is my 50th birthday - and what an interesting 50 years they have been.  I come from parents that have been married and divorced quite a few times - and have therefore lived in many places. I have two sisters, 1 half-sister, 2 half-brothers, and 2 step-brothers.  The one half-sister has the same name as myself because she was adopted before I was born and renamed Susan by her adoptive parents.

I have been a shop checkout girl, a sausage wrapper, a cleaner, a receptionist, a soldier, a carer and a caretaker.  I have been and am still married to my better half for 28 years so far and still counting.....

given away by my handsome and lovely dad and handed over to the care of my lovely and handsome husband

I am a proud mother to a most beautiful and intelligent daughter who is now married herself to a kind and loving chap from Kuwait - both currently studying for their Masters Degrees in Nottingham University.

I have travelled, done a parachute jump, learned many crafts, dealt in vintage postcards and read a libarary full of books.

I have been flash with the cash, and bankrupt, loved a lot, cried, giggled and laughed outrageously!

I have enjoyed living and hope that the years to come will mostly be happy, with an occasional suprise thrown in and as few tears as possible.


  1. Happy birthday!! Heres to the next 50!!!

  2. thank you Louise - I am quite enjoying my 50's so far xx

  3. Thank you Amy, off on my birthday holiday soon, have been very spoiled :)